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Freelance writer and book author

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Rob Beattie is a freelance writer, computer journalist and author of books about camping, fishing and boating. He's written 13 books on subjects as varied as Windows Vista and Office 2007, fishing, family camping, boating for beginners, traditional D-I-Y, home science, making movies and Ray Mears-style outdoors survival. He's also written thousands of articles for magazines and newspapers on Windows PCs and software, Apple Macs, the Internet, music, film and general entertainment.

Rob writes regularly for a number of magazines and websites - including Computeractive, Macworld, Web User and Bluffers' Guides - and is a regular contributor to Waterlog, the world's finest angling magazine.

You can see examples of Rob's work from the Samples page. Meantime, if you'd like to know more about anything he's written - or would like him to write something for you - drop him an e-mail or fill in the form on the Contacts page.
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There's also a new angling book, published in April 2012. It's called Fishing: A Very Peculiar History and is a fun and fact-filled journey through angling's much maligned and occasionally murky past (it says here). Similar in tone to Rob's previous angling book - 101 Golden Rules of Fishing - this takes a highly personal look at angling and includes sections on all the important topics. Readers will learn for example, how to pick a first rod and reel, how to catch any of the most popular species of fish in the UK, how to cast a fly, stuff a pike, cook a carp and most important of all...sound as though they know what they're talking about.
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"Light-hearted stuff. Beattie likens the Wels Catfish to a skinned cat crossed with a used condom and suggests that we make our bite alarms from budgerigars’ bells. In a market dominated by technological treatises which focus only on how to catch fish, this book is indeed very peculiar. In all probability it won’t make you a better angler, but the books that will aren’t half as much fun." - John Berry, Caught By The River.

“I wish there were more books about fishing like this one – by turns witty, anarchic, informative and fun.”
- Fishing Book Reviews

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